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In a company where romance is forbidden, having feelings for your boss isn’t the best idea. But that can be difficult—especially when your boss is Mettaton, the popstar robot from the underground.

It’s been two years since the breaking of the barrier, and when a rival TV channel tries to imitate Mettaton’s style, it’s up to you, his most prized choreographer, to create a new dance for next week’s show.

Staying professional isn’t easy when Mettaton is by your side, whispering promises of a surprise when this is all over.

Will you contain your feelings or let them guide your path?

Drama! Romance! Bloodsh—Dance!

This week, your destiny is up to you when you’re dancing with a beautiful robot!


Hello Beauties and Gentlebeauties,

Welcome to the first demo for the Undertale fangame Dancing with a Beautiful Robot! If you have any questions or want to report a bug, feel free to email me at khywaes@gmail.com

Feedback is appreciated!

OBS: Press 'esc' to exit fullscreen, and press it again to go back to fullscreen mode!

 Undertale © Toby Fox


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Dancing with a Beautiful Robot (Demo1.0) MAC.zip 51 MB
Dancing with a Beautiful Robot (Demo1.0) WINDOWS.zip 47 MB

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Do not convey the words as I wait for the full version**

Darling ... We are waitin' for ya.♡

I like the story so far, and I'm super excited to see what comes next!! The art is also so beautiful!!

Thank you ♡ I'm working hard to release the full version soon!

It is enjoyable, really. I've never seen such good and only novel with MTT. Keep up and good work o/ 

Thank you! Yeah, I didn't find one, so I had to do one myself hahhah MTT is awesome like that :D

You are a beautiful person. I wish you good luck on development with this game.

Lolololol, toodles~

aww, you're the beautiful one, thank you! Toodles!

I nearly screamed when it said end of demo AGHHH ;U; ITS SOOOO GOOD and I love the attention to detail like the little comments when you type undertake characters as ur name. wonderful i can't wait for what comes next!!

Oh, you noticed that!! I'm so happy hahahha thank you for the sweet comment, the full game should be out soon :)

EYYYYY! Mettaton is reallll! Wait... Is the rest of the undertale crew real somehow in this game?

Well, not all of them will be featured, but they will be mentioned though!

I like the story so far, and I'm super excited to see what comes next!! The art is also so beautiful!!

Thank you! ♡( ◡‿◡ )