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This visual novel is amazing, I feel in love with it within the first 10 minutes of reading. The art and Mettatons personality had me smiling from ear to ear. The music, especially "Against The Wall" made me stop reading at some points just to listen to the soundtrack. I love how your character dosnet have a appearance and you can pick and change your name or pronoun. Reading the Heart-To-Heart was a tease though, I hope one day if you do a new visual novel it might have some extra spice to it if you know what I mean ;) Anyways, I recommend this if you think you can handle and beautiful,flirtatious,fabulous robot who constantly teases you.

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I have never played Undertale, but I am quite fond of dating cute robots, as one can clearly tell. So I'mma just play this game real quick and return here with a review ^0^


Oh my...! I've completed the game and I wasn't disappointed ! Dammit Mettaton is so hot, cute and really sexy ! Yeah i've even cried at the heart-to-heart ending, that brought Metta-tears in my Metta-eyes ! 

Oh yes, my blessings are upon the creator of this fabulous fangame, who made our dreams real. Mettaton was the character i wanted so bad a date with, and now i'm just so damn glad. 

Oh and 'scuse my terrific english, but i'm a french lady who has just made this post to share my joy with all Metta-lovers. Thanks so much i've had my robodick wonderful date with Sexy Bot ! 

French Kisses to the creator, the other players and fans around the world, beauties ! ❤️


I'm literally crying over this existing, all I ever wanted in one game - whoever made this, bless your soul.


This game is sooooo good, my heart was pounding everytime I saw Mettaton, it was really like being in love, and writing romance is so difficult but you NAILED IT, I played and replayed and replayed until I got the Heart to heart ending it was difficult to me because i kept thinking of Archie and really that is actually a great thing, to me every choice was believable and i couldnt really expect what the outcome would be, this Visual Novel is very well done, I love it so much <3 Thank you so much, I'm following you now.


This was the best game I've ever played in my life, I'm so passionate I wanted to stick it on my forehead.
I would love it if I had one more game <3 I do not know what to say, you just created a work of art. I admit it's very difficult for a story to catch my attention, but this ... I do not have words,
Thank you for this, thank you for the story, Just thank you.
I have to point out that:
- I loved the fact that you can choose the way you want to be called, I've never seen this in a game before, and that was amazing of you.
- I loved the fact that the protagonist has a very different personality in the best sense you can imagine. She's strong, but she's sweet, and she's my crush too.
- The only thing that made the game difficult was not being able to save and having to go back to the whole scene to play again, but it's fine <3 

Thank you so much for the game, for the inclusion, for the masterpiece in case I have not thanked you enough.
Lot of light for you and hugs <3 

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 I would absolutely love a sequel! I love the writing and the art, it's perfect! I didn't even know I liked Mettaton that way until I saw this lol I love this game a lot it's so sweet <3 Also really need to find some none-transferable lipstick MTT ;) i'll definitely keep replaying this game it's so enjoyable

I just had to make this account to tell you that this is one of, if not the best game I've played recently. It was so wonderfully written, and the art was gorgeous! Would you ever consider making a sequel?? I would 1000000%  play it, if you did! 

I would keep going on about how much I loved it, and why, but we'd be here for a while haha! 

Keep being amazing! 

Hello! Would you consider making this game available for Linux?

I really loved this game! I guess you have a new fan now! :D

Looking forward to any games you might make in the future!


Thank you so much!!! I'm developing a new game right now, so keep an eye open for that :D

I got the Paycheck ending ;0; hOw dO i gET mEtATtOn's r0b0t DICK??????

LOL if you're still having trouble with getting the robo dick other endings , I made a walkthrough you can follow! :D

Oh my, I loved this game so much ! The art, the dialogue, the characters (except Archie, I wonder whyy)

Thanks for this beautiful game, darling ♥

aww, thank you for such a sweet comment, darling!! I'm glad you liked it!

omg I love this game so much it’s got me blushing and  squealing so damm hard like omg you got Mettaton’s  personality   Absolutely perfect And I really hope there is a  sequel 

Loved it sooo much thank you so much for making it like the art is amazing and the one where he is biting his lip had me dying😍

I'm so glad you had that reaction because that's definitely what I tried to do with the game hahahahha that sprite of him biting his lip was the worst hahhahah I got embarrassed every time I looked at it lol thank you for playing!

This is legitly the best game I have played. EVER. The art and the dialogue was just beautiful and just how you captured their personalities so perfectly is amazing, just beautiful. I am so happy that this game exists thank you for that amazing experience and I can't wait for what you have in store next!! I wish you the best of wishes!

Well goddammit I'm blushing now hahahhah thank you so so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I tried my best to bring this game to life, and it brings my so much joy when I see a comment like yours. Thank you!! <3 I wish you the best of wishes as well darling!

Oh boi, do I feel honored that I made you blush xD heck your game made me a blushing mess! <3  and thank you! I hope you have a nice day


This was absolutely amazing. From the art, to the dialogue, I found it all pleasing and entertaining. I played the demo of the game, and I came back a while on only to see that this was complete! I really liked how short and sweet it was. Some people prefer longer sessions of play, but for the one hour I spent playing, I felt pure happiness, even suspense. I definitely look forward to any (if, there are any) future projects. Good luck! <3 (Thanks for making my poor heart go doki explosion)


"doki explosion" is such a great expression, definitely saving it to use later hahahhaha thank you so much for playing and for also leaving a comment! I do have an on going project, and I hope you can play it as well when it's ready! thanks for the support <3

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I love the characters and everything about it!II just named myself Diana and was confused at first haha :D

thank you!! (*/▽\*) omg, you were probably so confused at the beginning hahahh

OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH ♥ I been waiting all this time for the release of the full game and an hour ago I see this and I almost die. I got the romance ending and it's perfect ♥ I also love the facial expressions of Metatton. The one where he is biting his lip got me dead every time haha. Your work is amazing and I hope there will be a sequel ♥  Also I'm sorry if there is any typos I'm not an english speaker. 

Thank you so much for this game ♥

THANK YOU ♥♥♥ especially for patiently waiting all this time! oh yeah, that expression had me covering my face in embarrassment every time I looked at it hahahha I'm thinking about making a sequel, we'll see! (English isn't my first language as well, so we're in the same boat, don't worry lmao)

I loved the game, Metatton is like "oh my", and Blooky, and Diana <3 I really loved the characters, and the development of the game is really cool!

But... I don't know how many times I tried the game and I STILL DIDN'T GET THE ROMANCE ENDING. Well... Frustration because always the "here's your raise". I KISSED YOU, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! lol

Also, part of me is like "Oh, well, now you know why you're alone, you're unnable to say the right things EVEN WHEN IT'S OBVIOUS THE GUY LIKES YOU/THE CHARACTER" lol Negative social skills, that's me :D

I'll try again later, when I stop grumbling like a old woman :P

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!! "Negative social skills" hahahah that's also me right there

If you're still having problems with the endings, I made a walkthrough!


Oh god.

 I was waiting so much for this game, and I am not disappointed ! It was really fabulous, and I never blushed so hard haha. Very good job on this one ! Thank you sooo much for creating this game, and sharing it with us ! 

thank you for playing and for this sweet message!! I didn't think people would like the game this much hahahh it makes my day every time I see a message like this <3

Omg the ending I got was so sad, literally can't stop crying but it was so amazing to play. The best quality work ever and I loved all the songs. Listening to them right now.

aww don't cry (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥) I hope you got the romance ending later on! I hand picked the songs one by one, so I'm super glad it worked out hahahh

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Hey, do you think you could make a renpy version? It'll be easier for players to save and reload the game whenever they want. Not to mention skip parts they've already seen. Of course, you don't have to if you don't wanna ^_^

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Hi o/

This novel not so big and you can continue the game from current episode or just choose any day you want to play^^

Hello! I'd love to, but that'd take a long time, which I could spend working on other games. I hope you understand. And like PurpleShy already mentioned, the game's pretty short, so I hope the 'choose chapter feature' works well enough :)

I really really liked this game, omg!

It's so original and lighthearted, and the characters are so unique!

Also, the relationship between Metatton and the MC is so enjoyable, especially the flirting hahahahha

Sad thing is that I still didn''t get the romantic ending BUT I'LL TRY AGAIN!

Thank you!! The flirting was the most fun part to write hahahah I'm glad you liked it! Have you got the romantic ending yet? haha

Yes! hahahahah right after sending the comment I replayed the game and finally got the romantic ending. I don't want to say much because you know spoilers and all hahahah but it was perfect and I loved it very much!

Congrats on the game I really liked it and I hope you decide on making another VN.



This... just this!

The story, the art style, the music... everything is just MTT fabulous! I'm sharing this with everyone  I know!

Oh my, darling! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it ♡♡♡

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Hello everybody o/

I'd like to express my greetings to the author of this amazing novel. Khywae! You're back! It has been a long time... But your magnifiecent creation really deserves this waiting. I played it only once and (honestly) get not very good ending x) But I hope that I can manage with it. Thank you so much^^ And... Never make any promises (!)

O-ho-ho, I tried another way and it made my heart smile :>

A lot of satisfaction. Thanks again.♡


 Thank you so much, PurpleShy! If you need help with the endings, send me a message on tumblr :) 

And yeah, I learned the hard way not to make any promises hahahh thank you for the support since the demo!! ♡♡♡

No-no-no, I do it by myself. For what I was waiting for a novel? x)